Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it… Dali-museum

Figueres is the Spanish town where Salvador Dali got born in 1904. Today  the Salvador Dali museum is located here. Modern art is in general not really my thing, but I do love the surrealism of Dali. The museum is like a playground, where you can discover the work of this brilliant artist. His wife Gala, was his muze. Next to Dali’s own work there are also paintings of other painters such as El Greco.

A short runthrough of the museum:

  • To go towards the entrance of the museum you’ll pass a square that was decorated by Dali himself. There are three monuments here. The building of the museum used to be a theatre, thats why the official name of the museum is “Le théatre-musée Dali”.
  • When you enter the building you’ll find a car, if you put in a coin it starts raining in the car.
  • The center of the museum refers to the fresco of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.
  • Downstairs you can see the development Dali made to come to his own style. The grave of Dali is also located here.
  • There is also a room dedicated to Mae West, an american actress.
  • The Room of masterpieces is located upstairs. Here you’ll find great painters like Gerard Dou, Modest Urgell, Joan Miro and Marcel Duchamps.

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