Discovering the heart of Brussels part 1

During my internship I got the chance to explore the heart of Brussels… and I loved it! If you planned to spend some time in Brussels you might find some inspiration here.

You can start at Central Station Brussels. Make your way towards Kunstberg, which means ‘Art Mountain’. On your way up you’ll pass the Royal Library, Square, the Music Instruments Museum, The René Magritte museum, the museum of Fine Arts and . I think you have an idea now why it is called the art mountain. On top is Koningsplein, or Kings Square, where you find the St-Jacobs Church.

 The Art Mountain

  • Music Instruments Museum (MIM): You’ll find 1200 instruments here in a beautiful Art Nouveau Building. On top is a restaurant, where you have a beautiful view over Brussels.
  • Réne Magritte Museum: The largest collection of Réne Magritte is located here. This Belgian surrealist painter is known for his painting “ceci n’est pas une pipe”, and many other. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to visit this museum yet, buut it’s definitely on my list!
  • Royal Museums of Fine Arts: Paintings, drawings and sculptures from the 15th to the 20th century.
  • St-Jacobs Church
  • Coudenberg, Ancient Palace of Brussels: You can still see the remains of the Palace of Charles V, with a tour underground. (entrance at Belvue)
  • Museum Belvue: Museum about the history of Belgium.
  • BOZAR: Often interesting expositions, you can pick up a concert (classical mostly) aswell.
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    Now make your way towards Warandepark for a picnic, and see the ♥ Royal Palace.royalpalace.jpg

Now make your way towards ♥ the Palace of Justice, here you also have a nice view over Brussels. Don’t forget to take a look inside!

palace of justice.jpg

=> Continue you journey: Discovering the heart of Brussels (part 2)

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