Discovering the heart of Brussels (part 2)

In Discovering the heart of Brussels part 1 we ended at the Palace of Justice. Here you can take the elevator down to the Marollen. Discover the many cafés and bars and markets. Take a stroll through the Hoogstraat and the Vossenstraat to make your way to Vossenplein.Here you’ll find the faamous market, open every day from 7am til 2pm. Now make your way to  Sablon/Zavel, which I find the cosiest area in Brussels. Sablon is famous for its open-air antiques market, they are open every weekend.


Make your way to the Grand Place but don’t forget to take a stop at Manneken Pis. Manneken Pis is a famous statue, it’s basically just a little boy peeing in a fountain. Yet this little boy attracts lots of tourists every day.

manneke pis.jpg
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♥The Grand Place is listed as UNESCO World Heritage. It is surrounded by beautiful baroque and gothic guild houses. You also find  the Town Hall here. They both date back from the 13th century. You can visit the Town hall if you like.

grote markt.jpg
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Through the Boterstraat and Henri Mausstraat, you reach the  Beurs square. You can also take a stop at the  Munt. Next stops are: Janneken Pis, the female version of Manneken Pis, and the Rue de Boucher, a cosy street full of restaurants. You can take a look in the Royal Galleries and make your way back to Central station by passing along the Sint-Michiels and St-Goedele Cathedral.


Without stops this walk will take you more or less an hour (3,3 km long)


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