Ten reasons to go camping

When I travel, especially in the summer, I almost always go… camping! Camping is something you like or don’t like. I get that there are people who want some luxury when going on a trip. Camping has so many benefits, I’ll list up ten reasons why you should go camping.

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  1. Complete freedom

If you choose to go camping, you don’t have to worry about anything. Depending on where you’re going, it’s mostly not necessary to book in advance. Worst case scenario you stop along the road and put up your tent! Not needing to book in advance has many benefits. First of all, you don’t have to stick to any dates. Bit tired? Sick? Bad wheater? Go a couple days later, or just go somewhere else, where the sun is shining. Second, if you don’t like the place, or you’ve seen everything faster then you thought you would, you can pack up your things and keep moving.

2. Something else…

When I go on a holiday, I like to be away from home, to have and see something different than usual. If you’re in an appartment/hotel/… for me it kinda feels like home. If you go camping you have a different experience, a different scenery.

3. Sleeping in your own bed

I don’t think this one needs alot of explanation. If you go camping you can sleep in your own bed, with your own sheets, your own stuff!

4. Getting together

I find that camping, as a  family, with friends… brings people more together. People who camp always sit outside. You cook with eachother, play some games, go to the nearest town… I find camping very cosy.

5. Socializing

Not only does camping bring your own group together, it’s also easy to make contact with others. The spot to connect at a camping: doing the dishes! Every single time I went to camp I got in touch with people while doing the dishes. We discussed where we are from, what we’ve seen so far, if we have any tips for eachother… Also if you need some help with something, this can be very usefull.

Source Picture: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

6. On a budget

I would almost forget one of the best advantages. Camping is very cheap! Definitely in comparison with hotels. Be carefull though in Spain and Italy you have some (very) expensive campings. On top of that you can choose to go out eating or cook your own meal, which also saves alot of money.

7. Moving around

If you have small tents that don’t take long to set up, it’s easy to move around from one place to another.

8. Being in nature

What I love about camping is that you’re in nature the entire time. You sit outside all the time (well unless you go sleeping). I also feel like I sleep better in a tent.

9. Less screens

On your camping/while camping you will have no or little access to screens. No computer, no tv…Which I find a major benefit!

10. Peacefull

This one also depends on where you are camping. But often campings are very peacefull and quiet environments. The perfect place to relax and get some rest!

Lots of camping pleasure! 🙂


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