London on a budget

London is a city I can’t get enough of. So much to see, and perfect if you’re looking to do a citytrip on a budget. Most museums for example are free!

Staying overnight in the city can get quit expensive. That’s why I would advice you to stay outside of London, and take the train into the city. I myself stayed in the region Kent, which is, especially in spring, very beautiful, it offers lots of castles and gardens. I stayed at the Oldbury Hill Campsite near Sevenoaks. Nearby you have the train station of Borough Green and Wrotham or you can take the train in Sevenoaks. Borough Green and Wrotham is easier if you need to park your car. In only 40 minutes you’re in Victoria Station London. If you make sure you don’t travel at the hours people go to or come from work, it’s not so expensive. Best is to take a combi ticket which also allows you to take the subway unlimited for the day.

Check the wheater every day. London can be quit rainy. On those days, make sure to stop at the museums or visit monument on the inside. Here comes a suggested itinerary.

♥ Museums: Natural History, British, National Gallery

♥ South Bank

♥ Westminster Abbey

♥ Musicals

Day 1

My first day in London was such a rainy day. So I hopped on the subway to get to see a bit of the inside of London. Get up early to avoid waiting in line for the ♥ Natural History museum (also great to do with kids). This museum is FREE! Nearest subway is South Kensington. Don’t forget to take a look at the Dinosaurs inside!

london 5.jpg

Nearby is Harrods , a fancy and famous department store in London. If you want to keep it on a budget, don’t buy anything here, but I find that it is a place you must have seen. From here I took the subway to Westminster, where you can see the Big Ben and the London Eye. I visited ♥ Westminster Abbey, which was absolutely gorgeous. This Abbey knows more then 1000 years of history. Take an audioguide to get to know it.


After my visit I walked along White Hall, passing Downing street 10, the Cenotaph and the Horse guards parade. This road will take you to Trafalgar Square. Take some time to look around. One of my favourite museums is also located here,  the National Gallery. This museum is FREE! Explore Van Gogh, Vélasquez, Turner, Van Eyck, and many others.

london 2

london 3.jpg

Day 2

Another rainy day so …time for more museums! Start your day at ♥ the British museum, in my opinion the most beautiful one in London, and also FREE. Egyptian, Roman, Greek.. you’ll find a mix of cultures and histories here. Nearest subway: Tottenham Court Road or Holborn Station.

In the afternoon the  sun came out, so  I headed towards Buckingham Palace (stop Hyde Park Corner) The surrounding parks are great for a picnic.

Walk back towards the Big Ben to enjoy the Thames. ♥ South Bank is really amazing in the summer. Take a stroll on this side of the Thames all the way to Shakespeare’s Globe. Cross the Millennium bridge and see Saint Paul’s Cathedral.  If you want to keep low budget, I wouldn’t recommand visiting Saint Paul’s, it’s nice, but in my opinion Westminster Abbey is more value for your money. You do have a nice view on top of Saint Paul’s though.

As you may or may no know I’m not a huge fan of most modern art. So I didn’t visit Tate Modern. However, on top of the museum, you’ll have a beautiful view and, they have the best iced tea ever!

london 6.jpg

Day 3

Take the subway towards Tower Hill. Here you’ll find the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Also here, I wouldn’t recommand visiting the Tower if you’re on a budget, unless you’re dying to see the crown jewelry. Take some time to relax at Hyde park (Hyde Park Corner) In the afternoon I went to see the  musical Wicked, which was about 15 pounds more or less. Covent Garden is also a cosy area to stroll around.

Day 4

I spent this daay outside of London, to visit Hampton Court. London is also a great place to go shopping, if your budget allows it  😉

13 thoughts on “London on a budget

  1. Great itinerary! I did a 2 day trip to London last year and didn’t even get a chance to visit the the museums. It’s so awesome that they are free – I wish every city would do that.
    I’m working on a London post myself.. and this brings back great memories. We were lucky to get decent weather, but I agree – museums are perfect for rainy days!

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  2. Saw you commenting on someone’s post and checked out your stuff. And then I saw you have a section called “Outdoor”. Yeah you got me on that. I enjoy reading your stuff. 🙂

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  3. Loved the post, thanks for sharing. I am moving to London in a few weeks (and blogging about it!), so I love reading about the things people love in the city. Also, love that most of the museums are free. I’ll definitely take advantage of that, too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks!! Unfortunately you followed the blog I’m about to delete – I’m actually at That’s where I’ll be posting updates about my experiences in London. So sorry about that!!

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