Roman traces in Brittania: Bath

In 43 AD the Romans invaded Britain, they called this area ‘Britannia’. But the first time the Romans set foot on British grounds was already in 55 BC, under the lead of Julius Caesar. They quickly controlled the southeastern part of England.

bath 1.jpg

One of the remainings of the Romans is the city Bath. Bath was founded in the 1st century BC. They used the natural hot water springs as a thermal spa. You can still visit these today, and take a swim in the modern ones yourself.

bath 2.jpg

Visiting these Roman baths is very interesting, it also gives you access to a museum, which informs you on how these natural hot sources were formed by nature. You’ll also find more Roman object they found in and around Bath and learn about what these baths meant for the Romans. Next to the Roman baths is the Pump Room, quit pricy, but you’ll just have to go here for some scones and tea. A tip: in front of the Roman baths is a free tour every day! For more information click here.

bath 5.jpg

Close to Bath you’ll find Glastonbury and Wells. Especially Wells is worth a visit.

bath 3.jpg

Wells is a medieval city, highlights are the cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace.

bath 4

For Bath avoid parking your car in the center, you can park your car for free outside the city and take the bus.

The camping where I stayed for my visit to Bath and Wells: Bury view Farm, a small but nice camping.

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