The Thames Path

The Thames Path is one of the national trails you can follow in the UK. I personally find it a great way to explore a country. For those who aren’t looking forward to  hiking can always follow the Thames by car!

The Thames is 184 miles long and takes you from the Cotswolds all the way to London  or the other way around. It will take you at least 14 days to complete, but if you want to make some stops on the way, you’ll have to add a couple of days. For more information: Thames Path

♥ the Cotswolds                                              ♥ Oxford

♥ Blenheim Palace                                         ♥ Windsor

♥ London

thames 1

Start your journey at the Cotswolds, a hilly area with lots of cosy towns. I like to follow the path from the Cotswolds to London , like this you can see the Thames grow bigger and bigger, and also the cities on your way become more impressive. The Cotswolds make me feel like I’ve walked into a movie, not sure though what movie I have in mind.

thames 2.jpg
The Cotswolds

The path will lead you to Oxford. I would suggest you stop at least two days here. Take one day to explore Oxford itself, go see a couple of the university colleges and see the scenery of many films and series such as Harry Potter. I myself took a tour there, as a visitor you can’t get access to all colleges. If you’re looking for good British food go to the Turf Tavern, its a bit hidden from the public, super cosy. Oxford is really an enchanting place, if I get the chance, I will definitely go back here. I stayed at a camping in the city, the center is easily reachable by bus from here: Oxford Campsite. It’s not ideal to go camping in the city, I don’t really like it, but it’s so much easier to go and explore the city if you’re located in it.

thames 3.jpg

Then take a day to go to Woodstock. Most of you will immediately think of the festival. But I’m talking about Blenheim Palace and its surrounding park. Its like you’ve walked into a book of Jane Austen. Unfortunately it was a rainy day, so check out this website if you want to see sunny (and prettier) pictures. It’s something you can’t miss!

thames 4.jpg
Blenheim Palace

Next you will walk your way towards Windsor. Take a day to visit Windsor Castle, home of the Queen. From here it is not to far to London. This camping is next to the Thames and about 14 miles from Windsor: Hurley Riverside Park

thames .jpg
On the way to Windsor

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