Travelling by ferry from Calais to Dover

Taking the ferry from Calais to Dover (or the other way around), is the best and cheapest way to get from the mainland to the UK (and also here, the other way around). You can also go from Hull to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge, but this will take you longer.

P&O Ferries gets you on the other side in only 90 minutes, this 23 times a day. It’s best to book in advance if you can. Be sure you arrive on time so you don’t miss your boat, and get your papers, such as identity card etc. ready.

Personal tip: what I mostly do is crossing the sea at night, there is less traffic, less people, and it is 25% cheaper. 


⊗ Dover:

So, as I already said, it’s best to make sure you arrive on time. So here’s a few tips to spent your time in and around Dover if you’re an early bird.

  1. The Cliffs

Everyone knows the cliffs of Dover. Take a stop to go hiking or just enjoy the magnificent view.



2. Dover Castle 

Another thing you could do is go and see Dover Castle.

dover 1

3. Rickborough Roman Fort

You can also update your knowledge of the Roman history. Take an audioguide to get to know more about this ancient fort.



⊗ Calais:

Everyone’s talking about the cliffs of Dover but ofcourse there are beautiful cliffs in Calais aswell. If you drive further south to Wissant you can see the beautiful Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nez.


⊗ On the boat:

Once you get your ticket and passport/ID checked you will have to follow the number to see in which line you have to wait to go onboard. (ofcourse not the case for pedestrians and bikers). If you forgot to get pounds or euros, no problem! You can change in the boats. There’s also the opporunity to get a meal or a snack, and you can spent your time in the store. In the store you’ll find books, parfume etc. Not only is the ferry cheaper, you also have a nice view on your way!

5 thoughts on “Travelling by ferry from Calais to Dover

  1. It may take longer but you must take a ferry trip to Hull as it opens up the whole of beautiful Yorkshire and the north of the UK to you (yes, it’ close to where I live, so I’m biased!) I’ve only been to Belgium once, taking the ferry then bus to Bruges, but I loved it and we hope to return one day…when it’s a little warmer. We went in January and I’ve never been so cold! Thanks for stopping by and following, I look forward to hearing more about your travels. 😉

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