J’adore Bruxelles (part 1, the Palaces)

I love travelling, and want to see as much of the world as possible. Yet only 30 minutes away, can be found the most beautiful places. Being a tourist in my own country sometimes feels kinda strange, but I like it a lot. I like that I still get to be amazed, surprised, by sights, history, art… in my own country. Travelling doesn’t need to be a trip far away, it doesn’t need to be in the ‘top 10 places to visit’. It can be simple, it can for example be my own capital.

I’d like to share some of my country with you all. That’s why I will start writing about my day trips here, in Belgium.

Today I went to Brussels. Why? Because right now, for three days, the Grand-Place is filled with flowers. The Flower Carpet is in Brussels every 2 years, for a couple of days. This year the theme is Japan. Believe it or not, I never saw it, which I thought is a shame. Since it is only there three days, I though now is the time to go.

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I started my day visiting the Royal Palace. Not my intention, but it was free and open to the public until September, so I thought, why not. I really like the Royal Palace, it’s very pretty, and not every country has one!

On my way up (from train station towards palace) I took some pictures from the Art Mountain, which I used to ‘climb’ (it’s not really a mountain) every day for my internship. (read more about it here and here)



I’ve only visited the Royal Palace once before, when I was a kid. What I remember from it was the ‘beetle room’. The ceiling is covered by shields of beetles.





Right next to the Royal Palace, you can visit the remains of the Palace Coudenberg. This Palace used to be huge! Such a shame it burned down and people just started building over it. I took a trip underground to find out more about it. When I saw the old drawings and the reconstruction of the Palace, I saw that Brussels was incredibly beautiful, unfortunately, lots of its medieval beauty got destroyed.


The medieval residence of the dukes of Brabant got expanded during the reign of Charles V. He added a magnificent chapel and the Aula Magna got added by Philip the Good. Later on, in the 17th century the last enlargements were instructed by Albrecht and Isabella from Burgundy. In 1731 the palace got almost completely destroyed by a fire.



Do you get to see a lot of the Palace? No, like I said before, almost everything got destroyed. But I thought about studying archeology, so in other words, these kind of things interest me. 😉

Ok, it seems to be like this is going to be a long post, that’s why I also make ‘collages’ of the pictures, I think otherwise it will be wy to long. (Do you like them or prefer 1 picture at a time? Let me know!)

 Have you been to Brussels? What did you think?

Also read part 2! Exploring Belgium: j’adore Bruxelles (part 2, the center)

18 thoughts on “J’adore Bruxelles (part 1, the Palaces)

  1. Oh Brussels…fell in love with it 2 years ago. It has all the qualities of a central European city but is as lively as the South European cities! Food was a little bit pricey but with a huge variety of good street food it was all I ever needed 😉

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