48 hours in Providence

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After a short train ride I arrived in Providence. The first thing I got to see when I came out of the train station was the beautiful State house. I was pretty tired so I was glad when I arrived in the hotel. I stayed at The Dean Hotel, which is a pretty unique hotel at a great location. The room was quit small though (I took the cheapest one), and at night there was a lot of noise.

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The first day was rainy, very rainy. So this day was mostly spent… in the shopping mall. Because the State House intrigued me I decided to visit, and the entrance was free! My travel guide pointed out a cheap and good spot to eat near the campus of Brown University. And indeed! East Side Pockets had lovely food for a great price, also a lot of choice for vegetarians.




The next day the weather was a lot better. Following the independence trail, I discovered Providence and its history. Harvard University disappointed me a bit, but Brown definitely filled in the disappointment. I would love to live/study in Providence. The city isn’t that big, and it’s not an eye-catcher like NYC. Yet it has this character that I really like. There are lots of industrial buildings, street art etc. that give the city an artsy feeling.






At the campus of Brown University there was a tree with a stone (see picture). Does anyone know what this means ?

My stay at Providence was brief, but good. This is the kind of place that won’t blow you away, that if you see the pictures, you won’t be saying ‘wow’. You need to have been here to get a sense of this city, to get the feel. This city was a great place to stay.

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