New York City: day 1

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An Amtrak ride of 3-4 hours brought me to NYC. New York has been on my bucket list since I was 14, and first started dreaming of a journey in the USA. It seemed like NYC is a magical place where your dreams can come through.

Expectations were high, which is often tricky. But New York City was as wonderful as I’ve imagined. I got to cross of a bunch of things of my list, including a visit to Ellis Island, seeing the Statue of Liberty, being on top of th Empire State Building…


I stayed 4 days in the city, and got to do most of the ‘must-sees’. It was really exhausting! But so worth it. I stayed in a B&B in Staten Island. Harbor House Bed and Breakfast has the most magnificent view ever! The breakfast is very basic, but Moe’s hospitality definitely makes up for it. It was quit hard to find something affordable in New York, so I think this was a good pick! From the B&B it was 7 minutes to the Staten Island ferry, which takes you to Manhattan in 20 minutes, and you can shoot nice pictures of Lady Liberty. I stayed 4 days here, plus two days where I needed to get to and from the train station, so I took a Metro Card for a week. It’s not expensive at all and got me everywhere I needed to be, cause, New York is big!



I took a New York City Pass to visit all the places I wanted to go. This was cheaper and I got to skip some lines.


Normally I planned on visiting Ellis and Liberty Island on the first day, but oh my, too many people. So I moved on the 9/11 Memorial. This Memorial was very pretty, and the museum almost got me crying. They worked it out really well to give you a sense of what happened, and what the impact was on people all over the world. There was one room where you could hear the phone calls of the people who were on the fourth plane, I didn’t stay long here, I found it too emotional.

x Collage.jpg

The Memorial outside consists of two squares, there where the WTC-towers used to be. Water is floating down, and the names of the victims are written on the side. You can also see the new Tower, which is really huge. I saw a documentary about it on National Geographic, it’s very interesting and you definitely look at it with a different view.

x Collage

In the museum you first walk across a ‘timeline’ of 9/11. You can still see the foundation of the Tower(s). Left above a picture of a stairs that saved many people’s lives, because it was there escape route. That’s why they gave it a place in the museum.


When constructing the World Trade Center, no one would have tought an airplane might crash into it. You can see the steel of the place where the plane hit. The impact must have been huge. I was only 7 when it happened, yet I still remember the images on the news. People jumping out of the windows.. rather that than burning alive.


I took my time here, it is a lot to take in, and actually made me kinda sad. I had to take a break before I continued my journey in the city.

Close to the Memorial you can find Trinity Church. I find this, like I had in Boston so odd. This old church hidden between the modern flat building. Quit a contrast.


After a visit to Trinity Church I moved on towards the famous Wall Street and took a walk along the Hudson. I ended my day with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.


I don’t really get why the bull is that special, there are so many prettier things in NYC than that.


The Brooklyn Bridge was nice, but a bit too crowded for me. I felt sorry for the bikers, and thought they were slightly crazy. None of the pedestrians stayed on the side they were supposed to be.

Back in the B&B I enjoyed the pretty view I mentioned before, what a great first day in the city!


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14 thoughts on “New York City: day 1

  1. I’ve never been New York.It just looks so amazing,I wouldn’t know where to start! Your blog is a good guide though.:) Great choice of B&B with that view. The 9/11 museum would really be to emotional for me.Everyone remembers what they were doing at that particular time so its etched in my memory.Important for future generations to remember though too.x

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