New York City: day 3

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I got up early to get to Battery Park, where my New York City Pass allowed me to go onboard of the ferry towards Liberty and Ellis Island. God, there were so many people! The boat first brought me  to Lady Liberty. She was even bigger than I’ve imagined.


An audio guide told me more about this Lady. When immigrants came to the USA, this was the first thing they saw of the country. A symbol of hope, freedom… mixed along with feeling of anxiety and the unknown.


God, the views were just amazing!



On Ellis Island I learned more about the immigrants. I know some of them came with the Red Star Line from Antwerp. And I found one person with my last name who made all the way to the USA. I took a tour with a ranger. The tour was brief but interesting. I’ve noticed Americans do have a bit of a different style when it comes to guiding people around than Europeans do. I’m not sure which one I like more.



Only two percent of the people arriving here got sent back. This surprised me a lot. I thought there would me way more of them. But like my guide said: ‘America was a growing country, so it needed people.’

These two Islands consumed the biggest part of my day. What I still did for the rest of the day was taking a quick look in the Central Station, which is really pretty, and going to the  Top of the Rocks. Boy, New York looks pretty from up above!



I think I could say this was the best day of my stay in NYC. What are your favourite places here?

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