A day trip to Mount Vernon, VA.

I’ve already had two great days in DC (Washington DC on a budget (part 1) and Washington DC on a budget (part 2)). My plans for the third day turned out different from I’d planned. I read online that you can rent bikes in Old Town Alexandria, and from there ride the Mount Vernon Trail to (well obviously) Mount Vernon.


-Day 3-

As I probably already mentioned many times before, it was hot in the US. You could say that this day the weather reached its top temperature. It was nearly 40 degrees (Celsius). I even heard a cop say that exact day it was hotter in DC than in Florida.

View on the Potomac river

So biking+ very hot weather= nope. Instead I took the subway and bus. Looking back I’m not sure if I regret it or not. It wouldn’t have been healthy to get sporty, but oh my, the path along the Potomac river seemed so incredibly beautiful! If I ever go back, biking it is on my list! I didn’t really expect Mount Vernon to be big, I tought it was just a house. With transport from and to DC included, I did however spent an entire day here. I took things easy and also had a lot of breaks, I must admit that.


Mount Vernon is the Estate where George Washington, first president of the United States, used to live. The Mansion was first on my list. If I have to consider the architecture solely, I didn’t think it was very pretty if I can be honest. I actually preferred everything around the Mansion, such as where the slaves used to sleep, and of course, the beautiful landscape.


They let you into the Mansion in small groups. In each section of the house a guide tells you more about what you are seeing. I remember that the dining room had this green colour, which is quite odd.


The rest of the Estate reminded me of Bokrijk in Belgium. It’s like you go back in time, or for me it felt that way. I’m going to sound a bit mean, but I actually thought that the rooms where the slaves were staying would be even smaller. I really expected them to be stuffed together in this tiny little room. It’s still not luxurious, but it was better than what I had pictured in my mind.


The views on the Potomac river were really pretty. The landscape reminded me a lot of the English parks I’ve been too.



I made it to the Wharf, located at the other side of the Estate. A very tiny breeze made this the perfect spot to relax at the hottest hours of the day.


At the entrance is also a little museum. I watched a short movie here to get to know more about how the USA fought for its independance, and of course the role that Washington played in it.


As the bus drove me back to the subway station I realised how green it was around me, and we weren’t that far away from the capital. It seemed like a great place to live. I think that Virginia would  be very nice to explore.

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12 thoughts on “A day trip to Mount Vernon, VA.

  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip to Virginia and I would highly recommend exploring more.
    I really like living here! I have never visited Mount Vernon though and I think it is a must now as it looks so beautiful there. Thanks for sharing your trip.

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      1. I would highly recommend the Confederate White House and the Civil War museum. A lot of interesting history from the American Civil War. There is the Edgar Allen Poe Museum and the Holocaust Museum although I wouldn’t recommend those 2 back to back, lol.

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