My final day in the USA

I can’t believe how quickly those three weeks went by! It was already my last day, in the evening I had to be at Dulles airport for my flight back home.

After checking out I stalled my backpack in the hostel’s locker and made my way towards the Capitol. Like I said in Washington DC on a budget (part 1), I didn’t get to visit the Capitol, so now I had some time to enter.

Tidal Basin

My travel guide pointed out the different rooms and places I couldn’t miss. However, once I got through security, I found out that the only way to visit the building is with a guide. This is logical, but I didn’t think of that in advance.

At first I just stood there trying to find my way. Which tour do I need to pick? There were several lines on the left and several ones on the right. I wanted to see everything! But time was limited so I just asked the staff which one they would advise.


I ended up taking the general tour. I didn’t really get to see anything of the building itself but it was interesting. First up was a small movie called ‘E pluribus unum’, Latin for ‘Out of many one’. Since it already started with a Latin phrase, it couldn’t do much wrong to me.I got to know more about the US and how their legislative power works. Quite similar to the Belgian one actually, we are both federal states.

My tour guide was really great. He took us through a small exposition, teaching us more about the building and its history. He told me that the statue of Liberty could fit in the Capitol, how cool is that? He ended the tour by telling us about the tomato case. The question was: are tomatoes vegetables or fruit? (important for taxes) The decision was that they legally are vegetables. Good to know.


Next in line was the Library of Congress. I didn’t even have to leave the Capitol to enter, there is a tunnel connecting both! I wouldn’t wanna read or work in this library. It is far too pretty for that!


After lunch, I picked up my backpack and took the subway and the bus towards the airport. I must say time management is not my thing. I was 4 hours too early! But I’d rather be early than late. Dulles airport was so different from Brussels. So quiet! I felt like there were barely people!




The Supreme Court

Flying back was weird. At the time we passed Greenland, the sun was coming up. So when I set foot on Belgian grounds again, I noticed that I had my very first jet lag!

I’m so glad I got to go to the USA. It’s in many aspects different from Europe, yet also the same. If I ever go back (which I hope I do) I would like to make a road trip in the South West.

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18 thoughts on “My final day in the USA

  1. I wish I had come across your blog sooner… I live just south of D.C.! Oh well, maybe next time. BTW, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award (again, it looks like)! If you’re interested in accepting/participating, pop over to my Awards page to see the instructions (Sunshine Blogger #3). I love reading your content. Keep it up!


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  2. Even though I live relatively close to DC, I have never actually visited the Library of Congress! It’s totally on my list though. Your pictures make it look awesome! 🙂
    -Marie from Marie Overseas

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