Wanted: guest bloggers

Hey there, so the title says the essence, I’m looking for guest bloggers. But I’m picky πŸ˜› so if it would be something any of you is interested in:

  • I find it important the subject somehow matches my blog, if it’s about bungeejumping or heavy metal, it doesn’t πŸ˜‰
  • Next: I write a lot about the places I’ve been, so I’d rather not have a post about Nepal or any place, because then I don’t know where to put it πŸ˜› However it can be about travel, but more like, travel tips, or things you learned from travelling, how to book a cheap flight, my top 10 citytrips etc. However if you are for example from New York city and you want to write about that city, thats fine πŸ˜‰ Local tips are always great.
  • I’m figuring by now I sound like a very difficult person, sorry πŸ˜› I like some pictures in the post, and in English, if it’s a poem, about yoga, about organising, studying, foodies, recipes all those topics are good too. Anything simple is great!
  • And… I think that’s it? If you have any propositions, let me know in the comment or contact viaΒ TwitterΒ or Β Facebook. Oh any tips on how to manage curls, always welcome aswell.


51 thoughts on “Wanted: guest bloggers

  1. I could do a guest post if you are interested, can do my experiences in America, living in Scotland or my many many battles with customs and how to survive in airports themselves as I have been sent home stuck in airports lacking English and been held for an insane amount of time

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  2. I always love reading your travel stuff, so I think something would related would be great. You could write something about Belgium, like trips for traveling there or things only locals would know. Or could be about somewhere completely different. Let me know if you have ideas! We can talk more on Facebook if you’d like.

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  3. Hello! I’ve been wanting to write a post on ‘Confessions of a Travel Focused Person’ which covers all the sacrifices I’ve made in order to be an avid traveler.

    If that sounds good, let me know and I’ll send it over!

    One question….do you have a word count limit? I’m not planning on writing a novel, but if I need to stay in a certain limit, I can do that.

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