Stopover in Carcassonne

As I said before in the Spanish Basque Country, our plans changed after a week due to bad weather. We drove towards the sun, to the Provence in France. However, we decided to make a stop along the way. We have been to Carcassonne before, when I was younger. I remember the beautiful area, and the impressive castle. (I will write about this later on)

As usual we stayed at a camping site. In France you have more than enough of them. A l’ombre des oliviers (in the shadow of the olive trees) was a great camping. Just a 10 minute drive from Carcassonne, and a pool to cool down after a hot day.


We spent the entire day in the medieval city/castle. Walking along the walls, I could admire the architecture from nearby, and had beautiful views over the area.

Inside the walls a maze of cosy little streets, filled with restaurants and touristic shops. There are so many tourists out here, which is totally understandable, but because of that, for me, it loses a touch of its magic. I personally dislike the stores who sell wooden swords, costumes of a knight etc. It’s so fake. Nevertheless, you still get a good feel of the city.

My stay was brief, since it was just a stopover and I’ve already been there. It was great though to see the city once more (and this time in the sun instead of rain!). I didn’t take many pictures, but here are a couple to give you an idea:




(August 2015)



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