Green-spirited travel tips for nature-loving souls

Another guest post today! This time written by Zara from highstylelife:

Going on a trip involves a lot of excitement and positive anticipation, but if you’re proud to call yourself a green soul or an environmentalist, don’t forget to take the necessary steps in regards to your travels as well. For a true planet warrior, introducing more green-spirited action into different aspects of life will only add to the feeling of joy and happiness. So, let’s see what you can do to minimize your carbon footprint and the negative impact that travelling may have on the environment. All without sacrificing your fun, of course.


Prepping time

The effort you put into your travel preparation is equally important as the trip itself. Therefore, make sure to pack lightly – the less stuff you carry, the less fuel and resources will be spent on transport. If you’re not the best packer in the world, look for special travel and eco-friendly luggage that allows for proper space use. Also, don’t forget to turn off all the appliances and unplug anything that consumes energy in your home before you leave. Cancel any delivery services and subscriptions while you’re away as well.

Choose your transport wisely

The best possible option for shorter distances is definitely going by bus or train. If you’re lucky enough to travel to a nearby location, you can easily get all your stuff on environmentally-friendly electric cargo bikes and hit the road. What’s more, even if you can’t travel that way, you can look for e-bike rental once you get there, so that you can explore your specific destination without leaving a carbon footprint. There will also be instances when you won’t be able to avoid a plane, so make sure to try and book direct flights and even look into airline companies, since some have decided to become energy-efficient.


Opt for a green stay

Choosing your hotel can also contribute to your green traveling sense. Some hotels may not necessarily have a green sticker, but you can ask about local ownership, resources, the way they handle energy consumption and recycling in order to get a feel about their practices. In case there’s nothing that meets your criteria perfectly, you can do your part to make things greener. Turn off all appliances in your room when you’re not using them. Take showers instead of baths. Bring enough clothes so you won’t have to have them washed and cleaned. If you’re not satisfied with staying in a hotel at all, make sure to look for local accommodation.

Green eating

In order to eat the way you’re used to, make sure to do your research before your trip takes place. That way you’ll get enough info about where you can actually buy organic food. Ask around so that you can get to know local markets as well. Always carry a reusable bag when going shopping. Of course, don’t buy bottled water when you can bring your own BPA-free water bottle and refill it when necessary.


Responsible behavior

Once you have time to explore your surroundings, make sure to do your sightseeing on foot, or use the previously mentioned rental bikes. If there’s no way to get around without vehicles, it would be best to opt for using public transport. If you’re hitting the road to nature, always stick to hiking trails. Never leave junk behind and refrain from disturbing the flora and fauna in any way.

Invest in insurance

There are special green travel and medical insurance policies that you should definitely consider before your trip. You might not really be aware of the importance of insurance for eco-friendly travel, but it’s essential for any safety-conscious person. Travel delays and accidents that can happen on your trip can take up a lot of your time and various resources, but with a proper insurance plan, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently resolve any possible problems, thus reducing your carbon footprint significantly.


Remember, if you’re going on a vacation, it doesn’t mean that your beliefs are too. The best way to do your part for the planet and reduce your carbon footprint is to spread environmental and sustainability awareness wherever you go. Of course, don’t forget to talk about your experience and share your tips and insights online, so that other people can follow your green ways as well.


Thank you Zara for this great post! 







13 thoughts on “Green-spirited travel tips for nature-loving souls

  1. Very useful. Be aware of what you eat when travelling to different countries. Once I made a mistake and ate a fruit which i didn’t knew what it was. I spent the next two days in the toilet, which wasn’t the best experience. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very useful. Be aware of what you eat when you travel to different countries. Once I made the mistake to eat a fruit which I didn’t knew. I spent the next two days in the toilet, which wasn’t the best experience. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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