Chasing knights at t’Gravensteen in Ghent

Let me start by something remarkable: for the first time in my 22-years I managed to not only follow my schedule, but to actually be ahead of it. Yes, I have time left to study, something must be wrong. Anyways, in September I visited t’Gravensteen in Gent/Ghent, a city in Flanders, Belgium. Gent might probably be my favorite city in Belgium. There is just something about it. Together with a friend we decided to be tourists in our own country and explore ‘t Gravensteen, a medieval castle.


The history goes all the way back to the 10th century. The location was ideal, surrounded by the river Leie. Back then it was still a wooden construction. What you see right now, dates back from about a century or two later. The castle was the home of the Counts of Flanders. So far the princesses and knights… In the 14th century its destination changed to a courthouse and a prison. You can still see a couple of ‘instruments’ they used to torture people in this time of ‘justice’. The magic of the castle sort of got lost, further on it was used as a factory, to build other houses and eventually got demolished. Luckily the castle got restored in the 19th century.



I really like to visit castles, they are very fairy tale-like. I imagine what life must have been like, looking through the tiny windows, your enemy at your doorstep. Yes, my imagination goes wild when I visit places like these. What I also wondered about is how they could have build this back in the day, fascinating.

the coast is clear!


I got to see some rooms inside of the castle, at the end you also go to the top and take walk along the walls. I would definitely recommend a visit! And well, I didn’t find myself a knight, maybe next time.



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19 thoughts on “Chasing knights at t’Gravensteen in Ghent

  1. Gorgeous! I was supposed to visit Ghent last year but ended up getting sick in Bruges. I had to spend 4 days in the hostel and missed everything I planned to do in Belgium.
    I will have to get back again and after seeing this I know where my first stop will be!
    Stay Beautiful

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      1. Yeah it seemed like it warranted more time. I stopped off and walked around a bit while I was en route to Paris from Amsterdam. Had lunch, checked out the Ghent Altarpiece, which was the main purpose of my visit since I was in Amsterdam for an Art History study abroad course. Would have liked to have more time.

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