London’s Best Weekend Markets

Hey everyone! I just got back from my holiday, and got some catching up to do. This weekend I have another guest post for you. My guest is Jasmine, who has a blog about living and renting in London. (check it out here: Thank you Jasmine for this post!

London is an amazing place to visit both thanks to its history, its culture and its shopping. If you’re visiting London for a long weekend you must check out some of the brilliant market that’s scattered around town. Here we’ve listed Zaparoom’s favourite 5 markets.

  1. Brick Lane

The different markets that make up Brick Lane market is quite the mix and it’s really a big bustle coming together. Here you can find anything from food to fashion, to household items and art and you better be quick as this market gets really busy. The quirkiness and flee market feel of Brick Lane Market is what attracts so many of its visitors but the beauty of it is that all of Brick Lane in its own is an array of shops and street art. If you want a couple of cool pics of edgy, hipster London and maybe grab one or two bargains then this is where to go.


  1. Columbia Road Flower Market

Is another extremely popular London market and you’re best off being one of the early birds in the morning or a bit of a lumber and arrive late in the afternoon. Columbia Road Flower Market as the name suggest only focuses on plants and has been almost unchanged since Victorian times. The market is a joy for all of your senses with beautiful colours and divine scent. The atmosphere is friendly and you can buy anything from exotic to home-grown plants and depending on the season you’ll see different plants. An extra plus for this beautiful market is that the surrounding area is a real little gem so set aside enough time to explore that too.


  1. Camden Market

The Camden Market is a massive market with everything from vintage clothes to food stand, hats and gifts and then it has Camden Lock at its heart. Camden Lock Market was opened in the 1970’s and is Camden’s original arts and crafts market. It is open 7 days a week and filled with stalls selling everything you can imagine like music, fashion and hand-made jewellery. Stroll through the market, grab yourself something to eat at one of the many food stalls and enjoy your meal in the grass by the river. An afternoon at Camden Market is an afternoon well spent.



  1. Portobello Road Market

This must be one of our favourite market due to its variety of goods and produce but also thanks to the beautifully pastel coloured houses lining Portobello Road. The market has been around since the 1800s but raise to fame in the 1950 for its antiques. It was further brought to the public in the movie Notting Hill from 1999 in which Hugh Grant famously walks through the market as the seasons change. This market is great for finding unusual antiques, fresh bread for brunch or a local cheese for the evenings cheese platter. As most other markets it gets busy so be prepared to stroll at the speed of the crowd and don’t be in a rush.


  1. Borough Market

This is London’s food market. With over 100 stalls all dedicated to food it’s a foodie’s wet dream. On a Wednesday to Saturday you can buy anything from a bite to eat to local fresh produce including meat, fish, veggies, drinks, cheese, bread, coffee and cakes (we’ve had some of the best brownies here). If you fancy something more exotic some of the stalls specialises in imported produce so there’s definitely something for everyone.



  1. Old Spitalfields Market

Is not like the other London market as it alternate market stalls with international chains in its shop display. This gives it a varied feel and you can find just about anything you’re looking for here. Old Spitalfields Market is also famed for bringing forward cutting-edge designers combined with French cheese, recycled jewellery and kids’ cloths. It’s a mixed bag to say the least! This market is great for just strolling around and observing this unusual blend of products but if you’re in a shopping mood we suggest you’ve got your pockets filled with cash as the queues for the cash machines are never ending.


That’s it my friends, Zaparoom’s favourite weekend markets in London. If you want more advice on what areas to visit or what to do when in London head over to, we’ve got boatloads of tips!

Are you interested in doing a guest post? Are you open for guest posts yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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