Frangipane pie with quince and red fruit

This weekend we celebrated my father’s birthday! Since I occasionally feel like baking or cooking I decided to make him a birthday pie. I was searching on the internet for something I hadn’t tried before and came upon the frangipane pie with quince! Quince is usually a less known fruit, I know it because we grow it in our garden. It is good for your digestion, so each year my father makes jam and syrup of them when it is the right time.

Moving on to the pie. I’ve never really done baking/cooking stuff before, so any feedback on how to improve these type of posts is welcome.

As you can see it burned a tiny bit on the sides, oops

The recipe is from Sophie Dumont and can be found here:Β RECIPE LINK. Since the majority of you doesn’t understand the language, a translation:


1 roll of puff pastry

250 g red fruits (I used raspberries that I still had in the freezer)

250 g of sugar


quince jam

80 g of soft butter

160 g broyage (this consists out of 1/2 almond powder and 1/2 sugar)

40 g flour

1 egg

some vanilla (I used vanilla sugar)

1 spoon of rum


  1. Your oven should be at a temperature of 180 degrees (Celsius)
  2. You roll the puff pastry into a cake tin
  3. Cover it with baking paper and add some weight on it, like rice (we have what we call baking pearls, which are specially made for this) and put it in the oven for about 25 minutes.
  4. Mix the broyage, flour, rum, egg, butter and vanilla.
  5. When the pastry is ready, fill the bottom with the quinces jam, and then add a layer of dough.
  6. Finish with a layer of red fruit and some sliced almonds and put it in the oven for about 20 min, also on 180 degrees (Celsius).
  7. Serve with some icing sugar on top, and enjoy!


I really suck at presenting this is a yummy kind of way

I really liked this recipe, it wasn’t hard and easy to kind of adjust to your preferences. The original recipe adds some quinces on top, I didn’t do this. Also I doubled the amount of dough so my cake filling was a bit thicker. It was very delicious !



43 thoughts on “Frangipane pie with quince and red fruit

  1. Sounds and looks delicious. I love to cook and bake but wasn’t sure if it was too off subject to post on my travel blog. You’re pics are great too, food pics can be difficult but you nailed it!

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