Travel Inspiration found among my favorite travel bloggers.

This post is meant to give you (and me) some travel inspiration for the coming year(s). Honestly on my list are too many things and I just keep adding places. That and the fact that I have major difficulties with making choices makes me constantly wonder where to travel next. Secondly I also like to share a few blogs I really enjoy reading/following, hoping I can convince you to do the same! For the moment I am going to share five great bloggers with you, perhaps I do a second round in a few weeks.

Wales to wherever

I’m so glad I am following Riannon’s blog. She is not the typical kind of travel blogger (with whom nothing is wrong btw). Last year she wandered around the world, hunting down the seven world miracles. Nowadays she’s globetrotting around Europe. There is something about her writing style that I particularly like (and secretly wish I could write like that). She makes me laugh each time I read her posts!


Destination inspired by Whales to wherever: Riga


Art Travel Eat Repeat

This is one of the blogs I’ve been following the longest, and who also invited me for a guest post! Heather also wrote a guest post for me, which you can read here: Confessions of a travel-focused person. She not only writes about her own experiences, but sort of tries to bring fellow travel bloggers together.


Destination inspired by Art Travel Eat Repeat: Japan


From dream to plan

This blog is so cheerful! She is a student who has the opportunity to study in a different country every year, now how cool is that. Not only does Lisa share her expat adventures, she also cooks, crafts and sings!


Destination inspired by From dream to plan: Morocco


The red phone box travels

Tanja is someone who has traveled to tons of places in Europe! I really enjoy reading her posts, she not only covers the main sights of Europe but also the smaller towns and hidden gems.


Destination inspired by Tanja: Ozalj castle in Croatia


The Student Traveler

Brooke is a student who travels, and that was not necessary at all for me to say. She shares her tips with us on how you can combine the two! She hasn’t had her blog very long, because she changed from WordPress to her own hosted site, still what she has on there is really nice!


Destination inspired by The Student Traveler: Bordeaux


That’s it for now! Enjoy reading and dreaming of your next destination 🙂

56 thoughts on “Travel Inspiration found among my favorite travel bloggers.

  1. Oh wowwww, thanks so much for including me! 😁 I love these kind of posts – I’m only currently following Tanja (and my self obv!) so will have to check the others out.

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  2. Hi! Wow, this is great. I’ll try to check out all of these blogs you listed. I used to be so insecure that I refused to look at other travel bloggers. But now I try to acknowledge them and, most especially, learn from them! I also have some travel blogs of my own, most recently about my trip to Hong Kong. 😊

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  3. Interesting post! I am just starting up as a blogger and I’m always inspired by other peoples blogs 🙂
    I am a student who loves to travel as well – I’d love it if you could take the time to visit my blog! Thanks

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  4. This is so cool! We are so excited to learn about other adventure travel bloggers like us! We really want to learn as much as we can! Our mummy says we have to work really hard but we don’t mind! Adventures are so cool!
    Thank you for sharing these bloggers so we can follow them too!
    Wolf, Bear and Monkey xxx

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  5. Hi There,
    I am a fairly new blogger, so far I have been mostly writing poetry, recently I have decided to write about my travel stories, I was just looking for inspirations and ideas when I found this post today. Very helpful!
    Also, I love your blog.

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  6. Hey, I’m Fabian and I really enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for sharing. I travel, too! Check out my blog if you’re interested to know about my trips.

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