Five places you need to see in Sevilla

After I’ve been to AlmeriaGranada and  Jaén and Cordoba, I continued the journey in Andalusia. I planned three days in Sevilla, which is a wonderful city. The first day it was pouring rain so I mainly spent my time indoors. The two other days were very pleasant and also allowed me to explore the areas outside of the city. I stayed in Eurostars Regina Hotel, which wasn’t expensive at all, and the buffet in the morning was very yummy. 

  • •••• Réal Alcazar••••

A.k.a Dorne (yes Game of Thrones also used this place as one of their film locations). This place was just wow. I even dare to say it’s the prettiest spot I’ve been to on my entire journey in Andalusia. Initially I didn’t plan on visiting but since the weather was not so great I thought why not. I’m so glad I did! The palace is right across the cathedral and is build up in different styles, going from  Mudéjar to Renaissance. On top of that the gardens are huge and I’m pretty sure in summer it would be very welcoming to take a stroll in the shadow.  Walking around here makes you feel like you’re in some fairy tale. I stopped for about 20 min in the patio de las doncellas, which is absolutely stunning .


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Een bericht gedeeld door Emma (@curlygirlabroad) op


••••Plaza de Espana••••

More film locations! This time walking in the footsteps of Luke Skywalker and probably many others. Plaza de Espana is probably the symbol of Sevilla, and a spot you can’t miss! There are quite a lot of tourists here, even of season. All the regions of Spain have their own titled alcove. In front of the square I could enjoy some flamenco music and dance. The parks surrounding the square are perfect for a picnic.

Plaza de Espana #andalucia #spain #instatravel

Een bericht gedeeld door Emma (@curlygirlabroad) op


••••Parque nacional de donana••••

This natural park (no clue how to pronounce it) is only an hour drive away from Sevilla. It’s no less than 543 square kilometers tall and contains a unique ecosystem. The park itself is only accessible with a guide, who will take you on a four hour long tour (or for entire day). Mainly bird lovers come here. Around the park you can still enjoy the nature without a guide, taking small walks starting at one of the visitor centers. It’s ideal to find some quiet and piece during your citytrip.


••••the cathedral••••

The cathedral of Sevilla has some stunning Gothic architecture. Again it’s the result of its history. Both the Muslim and christian influences can still be found back. Especially the Giralda is an eye catcher. The bell tower is 105 meters high! Little fact: the cathedral is the third-largest church in the world!


••••Gardens and parks••••

I just love the gardens and parks the city has. Not that it was so hot in February, but I can imagine this is the place to be in summer. I like to just sit at a bench and stare at the looking people, getting together with their kids or dogs. The plants (mainly palm trees) make me feel like I am somewhere far away, which I sort of am but still I like the sunny feel they give.

Reales Alcazares #andalucia #spain #travel #instatravel

Een bericht gedeeld door Emma (@curlygirlabroad) op


What’s your favorite spot in Sevilla?

33 thoughts on “Five places you need to see in Sevilla

  1. Some lovely photos, I can’t believe how there was hardly anybody in the courtyard of the doncellas, LOL. It was packed when I was there (but then it was Semana Santa. I’ve been to Sevilla twice and I agree with all your favourites – although I haven’t been in the National Park!

    If you liked Sevilla, it’s worth your while going there again though: there is the Casa de Pilatos and also the Casa de Salinas in the vein of the Real Alcázar, except smaller – and the second one is still being lived in! Also there are the ruins of a Roman city, about ten km from Sevilla, which is well worth a visit, if I remember correctly the emperors Hadrian and Trajan both were born there…

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  2. Great post. I live in Sevilla and would add Barrio Santa Cruz as the best place to walk to get a real feel for the city, but also Triana and Alameda for a different look on exactly what you can find here. Looking forward to more posts.

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  3. Hello there, your pictures are as beautiful as I remember Spain. For me, Seville and Granada are my favorite places in Spain. Next year I am planning to visit Jerez and maybe afterward Barcelona if time lets me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience.

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  4. Wonderful post, Emma on an amazing city! We were privileged to spend several days. So much brilliant light and a great energy throughout the city, but my favorite spot has to be la Catedral de Seville. In fact, I have a recent post on the city and wondered if you are still looking for guest bloggers.

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