Why Malaga is a perfect Andalusian getaway

I always thought Malaga was one of those destinations in Spain where people go to for the nice weather, the sea and the parties. While you can definitely find these in Malaga, the city has so much more to offer! I was surprised by it’s beauty and really think this is could be a perfect place to explore part of the wonderful Andalusia. The airport has lots of connections and is only 6 km from the city itself. Malaga has a train station that connects with other destinations in Spain. I’ll share a couple of things I did during my three-day stay in the city.


This fortress was built in the 11th century and hasn’t lost its glory. If you go there in the morning, you can still enjoy the cooler temperatures and there aren’t too many people. I enjoyed a cool drink with a magnificent view over the harbor. Afterwards, I started exploring by following the gardens and walls towards the remains of the palace on top of the hill. Again, like other visits in Andalusia, the Moorish style amazed me, and made me feel like I was in an exotic fairy tale. I did spent hours here, taking my time to take in the environment and enjoy the views over the city. After my visit I passed along the remains of a Roman theatre, which are located right across the entrance.



•••Markets and historic center•••

As in most cities, the historic center is the place where you want to get lost in the many streets and squares. In Malaga, this is just the same! Although I found some areas a bit too busy, I must say Malaga has a certain charm. The cathedral is a spot you have to add on your itinerary. After wandering around for some time, I came across a big indoor market, of which the entrance reveals the Moorish inspiration. Perfect spot to buy your lunch! In the afternoon I chilled a bit at a square right in front of the birthplace of Picasso (which on its own is just a building like all the others). Afterwards I strolled around in the harbor and on the beach before heading back to my hostel.



•••El Torcal•••

El Torcal is only an hour away from Malaga and offers you something completely different. The landscape is really impressive and great for a day of hiking! This natural reserve is located near Antequera and is known for its unusual limestone rock formations. You can choose between three hiking routes, a short(er) and long version. I picked the long one (which wasn’t really that long). The hike was really beautiful, and I even saw the Spanish ibex…and some sheep. If you stay in Malaga I would really recommend going here for a day.




People are probably going to call me crazy but, I think Ronda is overrated. Yes it is pretty, the famous bridge is impressive and the surrounding landscape is wonderful. But I don’t really get what the big fuzz is about. But anyways, for a one-day trip either coming from Malaga or Sevilla, it is great! You can stroll around in town, get down (and back up again) to get a nice view of the bridge, or make a hike in the area.



And that was it for Andalusia! Next week I’m heading to la bella Italia, adios!

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20 thoughts on “Why Malaga is a perfect Andalusian getaway

  1. Beautiful photographs and account of your experience there. I must profess that I am one of Ronda’s lovers even though I walked into it under a heat haze on a winter’s day. But like you said, as a one-day trip it is lovely. There is so much more to see around.

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