What to see in Bruges, according to travel bloggers

In September I went to Bruges or Brugge in my language, and for some reason I hadn’t posted about it yet, so …here we are. But then I thought nah, let’s not do the usual and just look at what others like about it, with me giving an extra comment here and there.

I’d like to point out that if you haven’t registered on Airbnb yet you totally can and if you use this link, we can help each other out by getting a nice discount on our next trip, hooray! The pictures in this post are the ones I made in September last year.

Well Bruges, Brugge, is rather popular amongs tourists, which I totally get, it has kind of the fairy tale look. Quite the charming town. And I guess because it is that touristy spot in Belgium, that it somehow loses a bit of its magic for the locals. I took a look at several other bloggers writing about Bruges, and will share with you what they liked about it.


•••The market and Belfry•••

This is probably one that most people visit, and so did Kiwi on the loose. She felt like walking the cobblestone streets took her back in time. The market square has several colorful buildings, and the tallest one is the belfry, which is by the way something typical of the area. If you feel like climbing a lot of stairs, visiting the Belfry might be a good idea. Even though I am afraid of heights I made it up there and almost enjoyed the view, after which I raced back down.


If you like to read more about Kiwi on the loose her thoughts on Bruges: read her entire post here


•••The canals•••

Scale it simple loves the romantic scenery the many canals of Bruges bring along, and I can’t blame her! Whether you take a boat ride or just stroll along them, they immediately give the city an extra touch.


Read Scale it simple ‘s thoughts on Bruges and Belgium: here


•••The museums•••

For my own weekend stay, I purchased a museum pass, to visit different museums and sites in Bruges. That is also what Hilarystyle advises. Her highlights were the city views from The Belfort, viewing Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child in the Church of Our Lady (O.L.V- Kerk), and the apothecary museum at Sint Janshospitaal.


For Hilarystyle her full post: click here


I’d like to add the Groeningemuseum to that list, which displays Flemish art (dating from Middle ages to rather modern art). Well worth a visit!



•••The beguinage•••

Etchedinadventure has made a ‘6 must-dos’ list for Bruges. One of his must-sees was the beguinage. Again this is something typical for the Belgian/Dutch area. The beguinage is a complex of little houses where religious women live together, not taking their vows, but dedicating their life to god.


Read Etchedinadventure’s list of must-do’s: here


•••De Burg•••

Closes at 7 enjoyed a good portion of delicious Belgian chocolate, after which she passed along De Burg, where you can enjoy beautiful architecture. Her favorite buildings: the Stadhuis (Town Hall) and the Old Civil Registry/Old Courthouse.


Read Closes at 7’s full post: here



To conclude, I would advise you to visit the Minnewaterpark, a place of rest in Bruges. I like to just stroll around here, along the water, or sit in the grass and watch people/ or birds 😉


What is you ‘must-see’ spot in Brugge?

Also: I would like to write a post in the near future about (travel) bloggers their favorite summer holiday destination. If you are interested to write a small piece to include in this post, along with one or two of your own pictures, feel free to leave a comment or contact me!

41 thoughts on “What to see in Bruges, according to travel bloggers

  1. Bruges looks calm and dreamy place full of history also, it really is seems like a fairytale town. I love how you share other bloggers view about the town. Thanks for sharing 😊😊 I enjoyed reading them.

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  2. Back in the late 1990’s I used to go to Brugge quite a lot on business, I’ve only just realised I never took any photographs….!
    I do remember it was a lovely place, both to visit and to do business in.

    Liked by 2 people

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