Graduation and holiday plans

After having read the title of this post you might be surprised but… I graduated!!! I am so happy how the last year turned out, I learned a lot and I am pleased with the improvements I made. 


Tomorrow (in the very early morning) I am leaving for a short break to Krakow, Poland. I have never been to this country before so I’m really excited. I did read some posts that Krakow is awesome, others saying it is a bit overrated, I will find out for myself, but like to hear your thoughts on this as well! I will spend two days in the city itself, where the only thing I’ve really planned up front is two free tours (yeah I love those), one in the Old town, and one in the Jewish Quarter. I will also take a day-trip to Auschwitz. Again, any thoughts/tips for things to see/do, bars/restaurants… let me know 🙂

Getting ready for Krakow! #poland #shetravels #instapassport #instatravel #lettheholidaysbegin

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•••What am I going to do?•••

As I mentioned before I really need to overthink what comes next. When I get back from my trip I’d like to give myself some time to think this through and check all my possibilities.

•••Wales or someplace else•••

After some time to relax the plan is to travel to Wales for about two weeks. Since my family has the tradition of not planning anything upfront (meaning transport and accommodation) we are free to change plans last minute. If it is going to be rainy for the entire two weeks I will have to wait a bit longer to see Snowdonia and we will head anyplace we haven’t been before and where the sun is shining (most likely Northern Italy, but again, no guaranties).

•••Work and a surprise•••

August will be a working month (my trips don’t pay themselves unfortunately) and September is very undecided, in fact all the months after are undecided. So yeah, it will be a surprise! Hah, we’ll see, in any case I’ll keep you updated 😉 Enjoy the holidays! and when I get back I will post about my brief stay in Poland.

37 thoughts on “Graduation and holiday plans

  1. Congratulations on the graduation!!!
    I loved Kraków and the free tours there are amazing! Which ones are you going on?
    And when are you planning on coming to Wales? I can give you my best insider knowledge on what the weather will be like on those dates, based on an average of the last 24 years 😉

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    1. Thank you! I am doing Old town Krakow and Jewish Quarter by freewalkingtours, Wales will be probably the 15th till 30 th July, tips on what to see, eat or do are always welcome 😀


  2. Congratulations! I look forward to reading about your Krakow trip. I was also thinking of heading to Poland early next year, I am interested to hear why you chose Krakow over Warsaw? I do not know the first thing about the country, I asked a Polish friend which city she recommended to visit and she couldn’t make up her mind. Maybe the answer is both!

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  3. I love Poland! I was in Rabka and then Krakow late last year for the World Youth Day, and for one, the Polish are extremely friendly people. Just go around saying good morning (dzien dobry – sounds like gen dobray) and smile at the locals and most of them will return the same quite warmly, it’s really pleasant 🙂 Krakow is very charming (albeit perhaps because it is the first European city I’ve been to, I live in Asia so such architecture is so unique to me), especially the old town. My favourite places I remember were St Mary’s Basilica, a gorgeous gothic cathedral, and a very cute ice cream shop named Cukiernia Wadowice (totally unsure if I spelt it right, trying to make out the cursive neon lettering in my picture) – its at a corner, look out for the pink neon cursive signs in the windows 🙂 The restaurants along the street housing the McDonalds are worth checking out – and the food I remember were really affordable. I also remember this large bookstore on the outskirts of the main square (near the ice cream shop, I think!), but if you pass by it it’s impossible to miss. Didn’t get to check it out because we always returned from the WYD events after it closed for the day, but it looked so expansive and quaint at the same time, if you can imagine. Have a wonderful trip, enjoy the charm of the old town, I loved mine! 🙂

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  4. Congrats on the graduation, Emma! A little time to rejuvenate and I’m sure you’ll make the right decision. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Life should be a balance of living in the now and setting yourself up for opportunities and success in the future! Cheers!

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