48 hours in Krakow

I just got back from Krakow yesterday, and it sure was a great way to begin my summer vacation. I had never been to Poland before, so this was my first experience with the country. I definitely liked Krakow, in some ways the Old Town reminded me a bit of Prague .

The town is small, but the atmosphere is really lovely, the many streets quaint and charming. What I also noticed is that the city feels very clean. Only minus would be that Polish people appeared to be quite unfriendly. Not sure if I just was in bad luck or not, but it seemed like they weren’t all too keen for tourists. I do not speak Polish myself and often it was hard to communicate with the locals. Nevertheless I had a great stay in Krakow!

•••Day 1: Old Town Krakow•••

My first day started with a very early flight to Poland. Once arrived at the airport of Krakow, it wasn’t hard at all to find my way to the train that takes you to Krakow Glowny, the city center. It only took 20 minutes to arrive there, and my AirBnB apartment was located 5 minutes from the train and bus station (and only 5-10 min from the main square). The apartment was really great! There is room for up to 6 persons (I travelled with two friends), there was a kitchen etc. Really can recommend this place! (if you are looking for a discount click here). Once settled, we went to the mall (which is right across the train station) to buy some food and other supplies.


x.jpgIn the afternoon we joined a guide at Barbican, to explore the Old Town of Krakow. I’m a huge fan of free walking tours, and this one was definitely great as well. The guide from the Old Krakow tour did go a bit fast however, but nevertheless I got a great impression of the city.


x.jpgFrom Barbican we walked towards the main square, which is very pretty. From there we moved forward towards the university district, the ending point was Wawel Castle. All around the city center, there is a small but cosy park, which I really liked to stroll around in.

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university district



•••Day 2: Wawel castle and Kazimierz•••

The second day took off where the first day ended: Wawel Castle. The intend was to take a visit on the inside of the castle, however, Monday the admission is free, but what I didn’t know up front was that tickets are (very) limited so I couldn’t enter the castle anymore. Best to book your tickets up front. However, without any tickets it is still nice to walk around the buildings and enjoy the pretty views on the river.



In the afternoon we took another free walking tour, this time in Kazimierz or the Jewish district. This tour was very interesting! The area says so much more when you know it’s history and what you are seeing. We passed along synagogues and many filming scenes of the movie Schindler’s list.



After a walk in the Jewish district we crossed the “love bridge” to walk around in the former Jewish Ghetto. The ending point of this tour was Schindler’s factory. Now that I’ve walked around in these streets I intend to watch the movie again, and pay more attention to the details.


Empty chairs memorial #krakow #poland #igpoland #instapassport #instatravel #shetravels

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Krakow is a very charming town, with a lot of (interesting) history. I really enjoyed my brief stay here! Have you been to Krakow? What did you (not) like about it ? 

24 thoughts on “48 hours in Krakow

  1. You take such captivating photos. Aside from a brief layover in Warsaw, I have yet to visit Poland. But based on what I’m seeing here, I can see the similarities with a few sections of Prague.

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  2. I’ve been to Krakow few years ago… And I can consider this as one of my top 3 (non capital)cities in Europe: it has everything: lot of history(love it), culture, nice vibrations, it’s a student city… I’ve stayed in Krakow 4 days, and still was not enough(I like to go to the whole city, not only touristic spots). Visited the salt mines of Wieliczka as well.

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  3. Wow, looks really scenic. I love the picture of the bridge. Definitely a place to visit.

    Kathrin — mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

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