Cambridge vs. Oxford: the ultimate battle

The title kind of sounds more dramatic then I intended. This weekend I got back from my camping trip through England and Wales. I had a lovely time, and the weather was better than expected. I visited Cambridge, London, Windsor, Oxford, and Snowdonia NP. I’ve already been to Oxford many years ago, and remembered how incredibly beautiful I found the colleges. I was certain Cambridge couldn’t exceed those memories…



… I was wrong! Cambridge surprised me, in many ways. Upon arrival I already noticed the grandeur, Cambridge seemed so big. It was surrounded by green meadows housed by cows, giving it a countryside feel. Heading towards King’s college, I stumbled upon one of my favorite things to do in a foreign city, a free walking tour! My guide was a freshly grad who walked us along the colleges and the backs, telling us true and less true stories and myths.


The next day, I went inside of King’s College, probably the most famous college. Despite the fact that it is quite pricey, it was lovely to see the ceiling of the chapel, which is a true Gothic masterpiece. A bit silly really that it is intended for students. They are lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty, I wonder if it is ever distracting?


I somehow managed to fill my entire day by strolling around and taking breaks along the Cam river (really there were more breaks than actual strolls). I passed along Trinity college, where nearby I ate some scones (again overpriced, but they are so good, I couldn’t resist).


I ended my day in Jesus Green, one of the many green spots in the city. Even though Oxford was 7 or 8 years ago, I at that moment changed my mind, and Cambridge was considered prettier, cosier, greener….



…but then me and my family decided to revisit Oxford. With its ultimate contestant fresh in our minds, we made our way back to the Harry Potter courtyards once more. I noticed differences, one being the cities themselves. Cambridge (in first instance) felt bigger, but now I don’t really think it is. I feel like the different colleges of Oxford are more concentrated, while in Cambridge they seem to be more spread out over the city.


great place to eat!

Oxford had lots of green as well, I noticed this walking through Christ Church meadow, as I made my way to the Thames river.


Oxford is incredibly beautiful as well, both the cities and colleges seem to be very alike, yet they are quite different. I think I like Cambridge more as a city, and Oxford more as a university (as in the different colleges etc.). They each stand out in their own way. If you get what I mean?

Beautiful day in Oxford #oxford #uk #travel #shetravels #instatravel #instapassport

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So who wins the battle? for me personally Oxford has like a 5 percent advantage over Cambridge, what do you think?


41 thoughts on “Cambridge vs. Oxford: the ultimate battle

      1. Oddly I was in Rome where I bet a guy from there who personally knew him. It’s a small world but I wouldn’t like to decorate it…

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  1. I haven’t been to Oxford, but I absolutely adored Cambridge when I went back in March! Fella grew up in Cambridge, so he showed me around pointing out all the spots he frequented when he was little. I can’t wait to go back one day and explore the city some more. 🙂

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  2. They’re both interesting and aesthetically pretty, though having been to both, I’d also say Oxford is just slightly nicer! I can’t put my finger on why though…

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  3. I’ve been to Oxford 7 years ago but it was not for very long. I did love the buildings though. I am planning on possibly going to Cambridge for a day trip from London in November but haven’t been before. It will be interesting to do a comparison though 🙂

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