Conquering the rain in London

The UK is mostly not associated with great weather, although I must admit, of all the times I traveled there the weather was more than fine. During my two week trip through England and Wales I did have a couple of days where one minute the sun is shining; the next rain is pouring down. At a day like that, it’s perfect to dive into one the many free museums in London. I’d already been to London a couple of times, but still it is always nice to go back. In general I do prefer to visit places I haven’t been before, I like to see something new, and feel like the “wow” effect gets a bit lost if you have already explored a certain area.

Since I was settled in Windsor, which is not to far from London, I bought a day-ticket at the train station which allowed me to travel to London and back, and have unlimited use of public transport for about 15 something pounds. The train ride took about 40 minutes and brought me to Paddington train station, from where I hopped on the subway towards Tottenham court road.

The British museum is one of my favorites in London. It is huge and you can find art and objects from all corners of the world. I passed along the Egyptian, Greek and Roman wings. One minor issue when it’s raining is that everyone tends to seek shelter, the museum got pretty crowded. One can easily spend hours and hours here, I did one or two.


When I got back outside I noticed that it was only raining little, I then continued my journey by foot. I walked towards Covent Garden, which I remembered as being a cosy place. It was indeed. Despite the rain, people in London seem to still enjoy the city life, I passed along many pubs and bars and noticed that everyone still got together wherever it was dry. The city was still alive, Covent garden was pretty crowded as well. Some musicians and street performers entertained the bystanders.Β I then moved on to Trafalgar Square, and continued to the Big Ben.


I was getting pretty soaked and decided to go to Tate Modern, where I enjoyed a cup of tea with a pretty amazing view.

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I paid a visit to the second floor, where I bumped upon some Picasso, Dali and others. But honestly, this is not my cup of tea. Picasso and Dali are ok, but most of the art displayed in Tate modern isn’t art in my opinion. I feel like sometimes there is just given some random explanation to something and then we call it art, because there is “something more to it”. I do not want to upset anyone who is a fan, really, everyone enjoys and dislikes different things.

My stay in London this year was very brief, but it was still nice to get back there once again!

22 thoughts on “Conquering the rain in London

  1. I particularly like your Trafalgar Square pic πŸ™‚ I have not been to Windsor in a very long time but when I did I believe I saw a young Prince William walking at a fast pace up the street.

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  2. I love your post on London. I agree with you on the Tate Modern also. London actually receives less rain than Paris or New York and neither of them have a reputation for rain! What we do get is lots of cludy but dry days and also a rapid change of weather from one day to the next or even multiple times within a day. Unlike other places summer can be very warm but then be very cool but then our winter can be very cool or very mild. More than once I have worn the same clothes on midsummer day and on midwinters day πŸ™‚

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