Awesome blogger award

I’ve really been out of inspiration lately, so this nomination was like a gift from heaven. So thank you thank you thank you Story spiller blog for nominating me!!! Other than that I’d like to share (once more) that I am always looking for guest bloggers (now more than ever, busy times) so if interested please let me know! 🙂 You can find more info here. Now let’s get started! Continue reading “Awesome blogger award”

1st Anniversary of Curlygirlabroad

Curlygirlabroad has turned 1! Last year, on the 6th of May, I published my very first post (this one ) ! I honestly thought I wouldn’t keep up with it for a long time, but here I still am. So I am using this ‘special’ moment to thank all of you readers/followers! I’m so glad I discovered the world of blogging. I really enjoy writing on here, it clears my mind. It’s also a bit like you get to virtually know people, follow their thoughts, sharing some comments etc. Glad I got to know some of you! Continue reading “1st Anniversary of Curlygirlabroad”

When adulthood is approaching

The past few weeks have been chaos, chaos in my head. Graduation (for the second time) is only two months away, and yet again, just like last year, the question “what next?” comes knocking on my door. A million scenarios have crossed my mind. The initial plan was to start an LLM degree in the UK in February 2018, but when I had a closer look at the financial picture I realized I would be losing more than gaining. So my plan, where my current degree was part of, suddenly got wiped away. I literally spent hours trying to adapt it, maybe I could study in the Netherlands, or in Germany… Although I’m quite a realistic person suddenly any possible scenario came to mind. Continue reading “When adulthood is approaching”

Silent impressions of Milan


Castello Sforzesco #instatravel #instapassport #italia #brusselsairlinestravel

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II #italia #instapassport #instatravel #brusselsairlinestravel

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(April 2017)

Getting lost in Venice: tips for budget travellers

I just got back from my trip to Italy last Saturday, and it was just what I needed! With the sun on my skin and surrounded by the gorgeous Italian culture, I could recharge my batteries for the final weeks of the academic year. It’s been a couple of years since I traveled to Italy, back in 2012 to Umbria and Rome, but I still had some good memories about it and was longing to experience the country once again. Venice wasn’t quite the same as the other places I’ve already been to in Italy. I was afraid it might be overrated or too busy. It sure was busy in some places, but you have to know where to go. Venice can be perfect for any budget traveler, getting lost along the many canals is just a perfect way to get around. Here are some tips on how you can experience Venice without spending your money on overpriced hotels or pasta. Continue reading “Getting lost in Venice: tips for budget travellers”

Why Malaga is a perfect Andalusian getaway

I always thought Malaga was one of those destinations in Spain where people go to for the nice weather, the sea and the parties. While you can definitely find these in Malaga, the city has so much more to offer! I was surprised by it’s beauty and really think this is could be a perfect place to explore part of the wonderful Andalusia. The airport has lots of connections and is only 6 km from the city itself. Malaga has a train station that connects with other destinations in Spain. I’ll share a couple of things I did during my three-day stay in the city. Continue reading “Why Malaga is a perfect Andalusian getaway”

Blue sky tag

I’ve been nominated for the blue sky tag which is just perfect to post today. Finally spring has entered Belgium and I hope it won’t be a brief stay. I always feel like I have way more energy and feel like doing more. Do you have that too? I know lots of people like winter, the snow, but I really just don’t like the cold. Anyhow, many thanks to Beauty by a Dutch girl for nominating me! I’ve never done this one before so I’m pretty excited. Continue reading “Blue sky tag”

Five places you need to see in Sevilla

After I’ve been to AlmeriaGranada and  Jaén and Cordoba, I continued the journey in Andalusia. I planned three days in Sevilla, which is a wonderful city. The first day it was pouring rain so I mainly spent my time indoors. The two other days were very pleasant and also allowed me to explore the areas outside of the city. I stayed in Eurostars Regina Hotel, which wasn’t expensive at all, and the buffet in the morning was very yummy.  Continue reading “Five places you need to see in Sevilla”

Impressions of Jaén and Cordoba

After visiting Almeria and Granada I had one day to explore the region of Jaén and another to visit Cordoba. This might seem like a very short time, nevertheless I’ve managed to get a good impression of both, without having to run from one place to another. Also this time I decided to stay in a hostel. This one was really great! Very good value for little money. The only issue we had on the first day of my arrival was to find dinner. Apparently it was a local holiday so pretty much anything nearby was closed. For the two evenings (I stayed here to explore Granada as well) we ate at Bomborombillos. This place is so great! Our waiter was very friendly and advised us some good tapas and products from the area. We had fantastic and local food for a great price, definitely a recommendation!  Continue reading “Impressions of Jaén and Cordoba”