Awesome blogger award

I’ve really been out of inspiration lately, so this nomination was like a gift from heaven. So thank you thank you thank you Story spiller blog for nominating me!!! Other than that I’d like to share (once more) that I am always looking for guest bloggers (now more than ever, busy times) so if interested please let me know! 🙂 You can find more info here. Now let’s get started! Continue reading “Awesome blogger award”

Blue sky tag

I’ve been nominated for the blue sky tag which is just perfect to post today. Finally spring has entered Belgium and I hope it won’t be a brief stay. I always feel like I have way more energy and feel like doing more. Do you have that too? I know lots of people like winter, the snow, but I really just don’t like the cold. Anyhow, many thanks to Beauty by a Dutch girl for nominating me! I’ve never done this one before so I’m pretty excited. Continue reading “Blue sky tag”

Awards festival

I’ve often mentioned this but… I am so bad at keeping up with this. Anyways here we go, this weekend it is awards festival! I hereby invite all of you to be a part of it, so yes you are all nominated for as many awards as you want! (and let me know if you are taking part so I can read your answers!) I will also try to give you an update about my travels in Spain next week. Due to my internship I’ve been quite busy (and ok I’ve been binge watching Vikings) so I will do my very best to become a bit more active on here again! Continue reading “Awards festival”

Sunshine Blogger Award 3 and 4

It’s been a bit of a hectic week. So I’m really behind on reading and posting on here (sorry). But I’m happy to announce I’ve been nominated two more times for the Sunshine Blogger Award! The first one came from Bexoxoblog, who needed to wait quite long for this one! Thank you for your patience 😉 The second was only yesterday by Happily Tanned. They are both great bloggers, so worth a visit. Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award 3 and 4”