Chasing knights at t’Gravensteen in Ghent

Let me start by something remarkable: for the first time in my 22-years I managed to not only follow my schedule, but to actually be ahead of it. Yes, I have time left to study, something must be wrong. Anyways, in September I visited t’Gravensteen in Gent/Ghent, a city in Flanders, Belgium. Gent might probably be my favorite city in Belgium. There is just something about it. Together with a friend we decided to be tourists in our own country and explore ‘t Gravensteen, a medieval castle.

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J’adore Bruxelles:European Quarters

Lately I’m being completely chaotic. The stress of upcoming exams makes sure I’ve got a bunch of to-do lists in my head, and plannings that I change every week. Besides that I realized that I have zero structure in my blog as well. I don’t think that is going to change soon, but I’ll give it a try 😉 Continue reading “J’adore Bruxelles:European Quarters”

J’adore Bruxelles (part 3, the south and the Marollen)

Metro is a free Belgian newspaper that can be found in every train station. Being a train traveller myself, I came across an interesting article. Every week, Metro explores a different region in Brussels. Last week, they explored the area around the Grand-Place, which I more or less did last weekend. (Read about it here) This week, less touristic, a different side of Brussels.

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J’adore Bruxelles (part 2, the center)

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From the palaces I moved on towards the center of Brussels. I first passed along the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula.

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J’adore Bruxelles (part 1, the Palaces)

I love travelling, and want to see as much of the world as possible. Yet only 30 minutes away, can be found the most beautiful places. Being a tourist in my own country sometimes feels kinda strange, but I like it a lot. I like that I still get to be amazed, surprised, by sights, history, art… in my own country. Travelling doesn’t need to be a trip far away, it doesn’t need to be in the ‘top 10 places to visit’. It can be simple, it can for example be my own capital.

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In Flanders Fields

I don’t really need to explain what happened between the year 1914 and 1918. The First World War meant dead for millions of people. Many of them died fighting in Belgium. While it is not our brightest part of history, it’s definitely a part that can’t be forgotten. It was  part of history where the whole world was involved.

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The beginner’s guide to train travel in Belgium

The Central Station of Antwerp (source)

Travelling by train is a simple way to get around in Belgium, and also to get to our neighbour countries. If I compare to other countries I’ve been to, I think it’s safe to say that a train ride won’t cost you that much in Belgium. Here are some tips that might help you.

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Discovering the heart of Brussels (part 2)

In Discovering the heart of Brussels part 1 we ended at the Palace of Justice. Here you can take the elevator down to the Marollen. Discover the many cafés and bars and markets. Take a stroll through the Hoogstraat and the Vossenstraat to make your way to Vossenplein.Here you’ll find the faamous market, open every day from 7am til 2pm. Now make your way to  Sablon/Zavel, which I find the cosiest area in Brussels. Sablon is famous for its open-air antiques market, they are open every weekend.

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