How to survive the exam season

December isn’t my favorite month, primarily because the days are shorter, darker and colder. I do however enjoy the many Christmas lights and sudden festive vibe everyone is in. Currently some of my nieces and nephews are going through their finals weeks. December marks the end of the first semester in secondary school, and from what I have seen/read so far, in most countries it also marks the end of the semester in college. In Belgium, unfortunately, exams are usually scheduled right after the Christmas break…meaning less skiing and celebrating and more studying.  Continue reading “How to survive the exam season”

Confessions of a recent graduate

In college certain expectations with regards to your life after graduation are created. “With a degree in law you can do various jobs.” “You won’t have too much difficulties finding a job.””This and this is what you will do in your job.” Truth is that yes, I can do a lot with my degree, but finding a job is not as I expected it to be. After graduating I first traveled a bit and did a summer job. Since I am planning on doing a master degree in February (if I pass the entrance exam), I was only looking for a temporary job, but already noticed certain obstacles.  Continue reading “Confessions of a recent graduate”

Public speaking: tips that help me survive a presentation

Giving presentations is inevitably linked with college/school. If I think back on the amount of presentations I’ve already had to give in my life, I can conclude that there were quite a lot of them and I always managed to survive. Every single time though, I feel so incredibly nervous when it comes to that moment. My last internship made me realize that graduating doesn’t necessarily mean that there comes an end to the public speaking moments, might be quite the opposite.  Continue reading “Public speaking: tips that help me survive a presentation”