Frozen banoffee cheesecake

As you already know by now, I have a weakness for anything sweet. About two weeks ago, I saw Jamie Oliver making a frozen banoffee cheesecake and I just had to try it out! I am a big fan of cheesecake but had never tried the frozen version before. I did change the original recipe a bit since my sister has a few food intolerances (one of which is gluten). The original recipe can be found HERE. As you will see, the recipe is super easy and you don’t need a lot of ingredients. Continue reading “Frozen banoffee cheesecake”

Delicious chocolate cake (vegan)

I had decided to try out a vegan recipe for a while now. Then, last week, I saw this chocolate cake recipe from Nigella on tv, and since it looked so delicious I had to try it out! It was only when I looked up the recipe online that I realized it was a vegan dessert. Perfect! At first I was a bit skeptical, I was so used to using eggs and butter and thought you needed special ingredients to replace this. But this wasn’t the case at all, in fact the cake is pretty simple to make and the taste is absolutely marvelous! The perfect dessert for chocoholics. Continue reading “Delicious chocolate cake (vegan)”

Gooseberry cake with a touch of orange

It’s that time of year when your garden transforms into a fruit and veggie supermarket. Since we have too much fruit in our garden to eat it all, we try and make as much jam and recipes as we can. Last weekend I found a recipe for a cake with gooseberries. I really liked the taste of it, it was combined with orange, which turns out to be a great combination. The recipe comes from BBC Good Food and can be found here.

Continue reading “Gooseberry cake with a touch of orange”

1st Anniversary of Curlygirlabroad

Curlygirlabroad has turned 1! Last year, on the 6th of May, I published my very first post ! I honestly thought I wouldn’t keep up with it for a long time, but here I still am. So I am using this ‘special’ moment to thank all of you readers/followers! I’m so glad I discovered the world of blogging. I really enjoy writing on here, it clears my mind. It’s also a bit like you get to virtually know people, follow their thoughts, sharing some comments etc. Glad I got to know some of you! Continue reading “1st Anniversary of Curlygirlabroad”

Frangipane pie with quince and red fruit

This weekend we celebrated my father’s birthday! Since I occasionally feel like baking or cooking I decided to make him a birthday pie. I was searching on the internet for something I hadn’t tried before and came upon the frangipane pie with quince! Quince is usually a less known fruit, I know it because we grow it in our garden. It is good for your digestion, so each year my father makes jam and syrup of them when it is the right time. Continue reading “Frangipane pie with quince and red fruit”