Almeria in pictures

As I told you, three weeks ago I went to the beautiful Andalusia in Spain! (read about it here) My first stop was in Almeria! I only stayed here for a brief two days, nevertheless I’ve gotten an impression and I really liked it here. It wasn’t that easy to find the hostel though, but eventually we did, luckily. Andalusia seems to be an ideal holiday for anyone on a budget, I stayed in the hostel for only 15 euros a night, breakfast included! Dinner was about 7 to 10 euros drinks included, so really not expensive. Of course I was travelling of season, which might have had something to do with it. Continue reading “Almeria in pictures”

Where German and French culture come together: Alsace

Last year, during my spring break, I went to Alsace, a region in the North-East of France. The landscape is characterized by many vineyards and medieval towns. It’s a place where both the French and the German culture come together, since this part of France used to be under German power. Medieval towns, vineyards, castles, mountains… you find it all in Alsace!

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Along the Thames (memories)

My journey along the Thames dates back from 2009, so I was like 15 or something. I spent three weeks in England, going from Canterbury, all the way to the Cotswolds. We sort of followed the Thames, walking pieces of the Thames Path along the way.

The Thames Path is one of the national trails you can follow in the UK. The river Thames is 184 miles long and takes you from the Cotswolds all the way to London  or the other way around. It will take you at least 14 days to complete, but if you want to make some stops on the way, you’ll have to add a couple of days. For more information: Thames Path

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