Chasing knights at t’Gravensteen in Ghent

Let me start by something remarkable: for the first time in my 22-years I managed to not only follow my schedule, but to actually be ahead of it. Yes, I have time left to study, something must be wrong. Anyways, in September I visited t’Gravensteen in Gent/Ghent, a city in Flanders, Belgium. Gent might probably be my favorite city in Belgium. There is just something about it. Together with a friend we decided to be tourists in our own country and explore ‘t Gravensteen, a medieval castle.

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J’adore Bruxelles:European Quarters

Lately I’m being completely chaotic. The stress of upcoming exams makes sure I’ve got a bunch of to-do lists in my head, and plannings that I change every week. Besides that I realized that I have zero structure in my blog as well. I don’t think that is going to change soon, but I’ll give it a try 😉 Continue reading “J’adore Bruxelles:European Quarters”

36 hours in Prague

When I was younger, I’m guessing between 10 and 13, I went about 4 times to the Czech Republic with my parents. Mostly in winter, to go skiing. Skiing isn’t the same there as in France or Austria (less high mountains). It’s good for starters, and (definitely back then) super cheap. I remember the hospitality of Monica. She rented a couple of rooms in her house in this tiny little town up north.  Continue reading “36 hours in Prague”

Autumn in Paris

I arrived in Paris the 2nd of November, just before noon. After I ditched my backpack in one of the lockers in the North Station, I decided my first stop would be Montmartre. A quick look on the map gave me a sense of where to go. I love the feeling I first get whenever I’m in a new place. You feel strange, a bit lost, but you just know you are somewhere different, slowly blending into the atmosphere. Continue reading “Autumn in Paris”

Memories: school trip to Paris (2009)

Paris is not so far from my home. With the high-speed train you can get there in 1 hour and a half. Yet I’ve only been there twice. And … Wednesday I go back, the first time I go there on my own 😀 My first time in Paris was a school trip (I was 15), the second time was a business trip with college (here I was 19, but didn’t get to see much of the city). In this post I will share the memories I still have (and very few pictures) of my school trip, which was already 7 years ago!

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Berlin on a budget: day 4 and 5

So this weekend I was having sort of an identity crisis for my blog. To everyone who gave me feedback thanks 😀 I’ve calmed down and I’m back on track 😛 Just wondering if any of you sometimes have that? Anyways, I had already covered my first three days in Berlin (Berlin on a budget: day 1 and Berlin on a budget: day 2 and 3) time for my last two days is this amazing city.

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Berlin on a budget: day 1

I find Berlin special. The city suffered a lot in the past century, nowadays it’s a modern and vibrant city that is growing every day. Berlin is also very green, i really like this city, because of the fact that it feels a bit different to me. I think it’s safe to say that Berlin deserves a spot in my top 3 of city trips so far.

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A day trip to Mount Vernon, VA.

I’ve already had two great days in DC (Washington DC on a budget (part 1) and Washington DC on a budget (part 2)). My plans for the third day turned out different from I’d planned. I read online that you can rent bikes in Old Town Alexandria, and from there ride the Mount Vernon Trail to (well obviously) Mount Vernon. Continue reading “A day trip to Mount Vernon, VA.”

New York City: day 1

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An Amtrak ride of 3-4 hours brought me to NYC. New York has been on my bucket list since I was 14, and first started dreaming of a journey in the USA. It seemed like NYC is a magical place where your dreams can come through.

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