Losing and finding motivation

I will start with a confession, I’ve been struggling to come up with a topic for this post. Writing about travelling is nice, but I don’t do it on a full-time basis. In fact, I have never taken as many trips a year as I have so far in 2017. Yes, it was a great year thus far in terms of travelling. I don’t have that much going on lately. Along with the search of a temporary/part-time job, I am preparing myself for a TOEFL and entrance exam, after which (if I pass on both) I’ll hopefully be able to enter my masters abroad. Continue reading “Losing and finding motivation”

The power of introverts

This post was inspired by a TED talk I watched this week, with the same title. (you can watch it here). Susan Cain decided to ‘speak dangerously’ and tell us why being introvert is more than ok! The main difference between introvert and extrovert people lies with how they get and spent their energy. It’s important to mention that no one is solely one or the other. Some people lean more to being introvert, like me, others to being extrovert, and you even have people that balance somewhere right in the middle. Continue reading “The power of introverts”

How I deal with my fear of flying

I am not sure what is going on, but lately I’ve been gaining followers by doing exactly nothing. Thanks! Exams and internship are over, so normally I will have more time the coming weeks to write and read. In a next post I will update you about my summer plans.

I was thinking of a subject to write about and since I’ll be taking the plane this Sunday, I thought I’d write about anxieties related to flying. When you search the internet you can find quite a few tips about this subject, but I somehow always feel like these posts are written by people who don’t have the anxiety themselves.That’s why I decided to share my very brief experience with flying and my anxieties that come along with it. Continue reading “How I deal with my fear of flying”