About exams

January in Belgium isn’t the most fun time for college students. Exams. A necessary thing to get that degree. It’s funny when I realize that just two months of my entire year are fully dedicated to it, yet these times seem very long, and my co-students and I like to complain about it. Basically it isn’t that bad, I know that, but right now I’m just caught up in the eat-sleep-study-waste time on the internet routine. Continue reading “About exams”

Chasing knights at t’Gravensteen in Ghent

Let me start by something remarkable: for the first time in my 22-years I managed to not only follow my schedule, but to actually be ahead of it. Yes, I have time left to study, something must be wrong. Anyways, in September I visited t’Gravensteen in Gent/Ghent, a city in Flanders, Belgium. Gent might probably be my favorite city in Belgium. There is just something about it. Together with a friend we decided to be tourists in our own country and explore ‘t Gravensteen, a medieval castle.

Continue reading “Chasing knights at t’Gravensteen in Ghent”

2016: my five most popular posts

It’s officially the last day of 2016! I wish everyone a wonderful evening and celebrations. I’m not going to do a review of my personal year, because honestly it wouldn’t be that interesting. Instead I decided to have a look at my stats to see which five most were the most popular in terms of views. Continue reading “2016: my five most popular posts”

What’s in my backpack?

In between studying and the holidays, I felt it was time to write another post. In July I backpacked for three weeks in the USA. It was something I had never done before. The key for me was to pack light, very light. I can’t carry a lot of weight around for long, so I wanted to stay as mobile as possible.  Continue reading “What’s in my backpack?”

Merry Christmas everyone!

In January I have exams, so for the next weeks I won’t be very active on here! After my exams I’m heading to Spain for two weeks, so I will then update you with fresh stories! 🙂

I’m wishing everyone who has upcoming exams: lots of motivation, concentration and also a bit of luck.

For those who already had them: (lucky bastards) enjoy your well-deserved holidays.

And for everyone in general: Merry Christmas! Enjoy your food, drinks, family, friends, … enjoy everything!


Green-spirited travel tips for nature-loving souls

Another guest post today! This time written by Zara from highstylelife:

Going on a trip involves a lot of excitement and positive anticipation, but if you’re proud to call yourself a green soul or an environmentalist, don’t forget to take the necessary steps in regards to your travels as well. For a true planet warrior, introducing more green-spirited action into different aspects of life will only add to the feeling of joy and happiness. So, let’s see what you can do to minimize your carbon footprint and the negative impact that travelling may have on the environment. All without sacrificing your fun, of course. Continue reading “Green-spirited travel tips for nature-loving souls”

J’adore Bruxelles:European Quarters

Lately I’m being completely chaotic. The stress of upcoming exams makes sure I’ve got a bunch of to-do lists in my head, and plannings that I change every week. Besides that I realized that I have zero structure in my blog as well. I don’t think that is going to change soon, but I’ll give it a try 😉 Continue reading “J’adore Bruxelles:European Quarters”