1st Anniversary of Curlygirlabroad

Curlygirlabroad has turned 1! Last year, on the 6th of May, I published my very first post (this one ) ! I honestly thought I wouldn’t keep up with it for a long time, but here I still am. So I am using this ‘special’ moment to thank all of you readers/followers! I’m so glad I discovered the world of blogging. I really enjoy writing on here, it clears my mind. It’s also a bit like you get to virtually know people, follow their thoughts, sharing some comments etc. Glad I got to know some of you! Continue reading “1st Anniversary of Curlygirlabroad”

Blue sky tag

I’ve been nominated for the blue sky tag which is just perfect to post today. Finally spring has entered Belgium and I hope it won’t be a brief stay. I always feel like I have way more energy and feel like doing more. Do you have that too? I know lots of people like winter, the snow, but I really just don’t like the cold. Anyhow, many thanks to Beauty by a Dutch girl for nominating me! I’ve never done this one before so I’m pretty excited. Continue reading “Blue sky tag”