52 weeks of 2017

“The bad news is…time flies, the good news is…you’re the pilot.” In the midst of family visits, an abundance of lights, cheesy (yet quite addictive) songs and too much good food, getting comfy in the couch with a big cup of my all-time favorite cup of ginger tea made me realize 2018 is right at the doorstep (and that this sentence might me slightly too long). Time does fly, not per se in the moment, but looking back, a year can hold lots of small and less small memories.¬† Continue reading “52 weeks of 2017”

2016: my five most popular posts

It’s officially the last day of 2016! I wish everyone a wonderful evening and celebrations. I’m not going to do a review of my personal year, because honestly it wouldn’t be that interesting. Instead I decided to have a look at my stats to see which five most were the most popular in terms of views. Continue reading “2016: my five most popular posts”