72 hours in Edinburgh

Spending the national holiday indoors, hiding from this heat that never seems to end, I came to realize it has been quite a while since I wrote on here (…again). In fact, it has been 69 days, or 2 months and 8 days since I wrote my last post 2 years of blogging!. During my extended WordPress break I was mainly occupied with my internship for the months of May and June. Then one day we received the unfortunate news: my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer. CANCER. At first I didn’t really believe it, it didn’t really sink through. It’s something that you hear about all the time, but you never expect it to actually happen in your family. But it did. Luckily, the cancer is only at its early stage, and doesn’t seem to be aggressive. Even though I’m scared, I try to stay positive and support my mother in the best way I can.

The end of June embarked the end of my internship and the beginning of my summer holiday.  I finally got to spend enough hours searching the internet to come up with a subject for my thesis, followed by a hunt for a supervisor. This week I finally found one which means I will need to actually start working on it…which I have been postponing very well! (no seriously I should get started) Continue reading “72 hours in Edinburgh”

A day in Namur

Another lengthy weekend in Belgium (not at all complaining here), I find myself discovering a new place in my country Belgium. While the great weather combined with the national holiday probably makes most people move towards the coast (I can’t blame them), I headed south, towards the capital of Wallonia, Namur. Oddly, a place I had never been before. I like that we do not need to go abroad to discover new places, to be surprised.  Continue reading “A day in Namur”

72 Hours in Sydney: Solo Female Trip

Today another guest post, this time from Marie:

No matter if you’re a seasoned solo traveler or a total beginner, Sydney is a great destination that is safe, full of amazing people and fun things you can do alone. However, if you only have 3 days to spend in this cosmopolitan city, it might get a bit hard to get organized. But don’t fret! This little guide will help any solo lady traveler have a perfect 72 hours in Sydney. Continue reading “72 Hours in Sydney: Solo Female Trip”

72 hours in Copenhagen: budget edition

After I survived my first exams abroad I was in desperate need of a holiday. Luckily I had this week off before I start my internship on Monday, the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a citytrip. Despite longing for warmer temperatures and a bit of sun, I travelled up north, to the capital of Denmark. I had never been in Scandinavia before so I was pretty excited to be headed there. Despite the fact the Scandinvia is more expensive than most other European countries, I managed to travel this one on a budget as well. The weather turned out to be amazing, whereas ( as I’ve seen on the news) people who headed to Spain for their Easter holiday were less lucky.  Continue reading “72 hours in Copenhagen: budget edition”

Q&A with Cátia

Today I’m introducing a new type of post for this blog. It’s my intention to regularly do a small Q&A session with some ordinary yet interesting people I come across in the virtual (or “real”) world. In this post I asked Cátia from the blog Apulgarita a couple of questions.

•••Can you give us a small introduction ?•••

Hi! My name is Cátia, and I am a proud Portuguese from Lisbon, our capital! I am a PhD student in Bio-engineering at both the University of Lisbon and just came back from a one year research stay at the Institute for Data, Systems and Society at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Continue reading “Q&A with Cátia”

USA: hidden gems you can’t miss, according to travel bloggers

When most people think about traveling to the USA, often cities and places like New York City, L.A., the Grand Canyon etc. come to mind. But what other places are worth visiting according to locals? I’ve asked five of my fellow bloggers to write a short piece on a hidden gem in the state they are living: Hocking Hills Ohio, Tampa Florida, Floyd Virginia, Kalamazoo Michigan, Baton Rouge Louisiana and Charlotte North Carolina.  Continue reading “USA: hidden gems you can’t miss, according to travel bloggers”

How to Get Over a Bad Experience While Traveling

Hi Everyone! My name is Winta from Wandering Outside the Box. I’m thrilled to have a chance to collaborate with Emma, she’s adorable and I love that our blog contents syncs so well. As Emma is experienced with Europe, my heart and home lies in Asia. I’m Vietnamese, born in the Philippines, but I love Asia for its many tropical destinations and cuisines. I currently reside in the US, but have traveled around! Continue reading “How to Get Over a Bad Experience While Traveling”

F(r)ee tour: City Sights Maastricht

A small 4 km distance from the Belgian border, Maastricht finds itself in an interesting location. The city is located in the Netherlands, but surrounded by neighboring countries Belgium and Germany. Since there was a master open day at the university, I combined my educational trip with some sightseeing of the city itself. Quite odd I had never been here before. Everyone who did visit kept telling me how cosy the city is, and they were absolutely right! Continue reading “F(r)ee tour: City Sights Maastricht”

The Botanical Garden of Leuven

Lately I’ve come to realize that there is so much beauty I pass by weekly, without paying much attention to it. Really, there are so many pretty places nearby. The Botanical Garden (or Kruidtuin in Dutch), is one of these places. A small ten minute stroll away from the city center you’ll find yourself in an oasis of green and peace. I used to come here regularly as a child. Now I consider it more as a place of silence, perfect to empty my mind. Continue reading “The Botanical Garden of Leuven”

7 free things to do in Antwerp

About two weeks ago, I decided to make a day trip to Antwerp, a city located about an hour and a half from Leuven by train. Even though I love to travel abroad, there is so much beauty in my own country, that might get a bit underappreciated. Antwerp is a really vibrant city, and besides occasional shopping trips, I hadn’t really given it much attention thus far. I discovered that the city has lots to offer, and is ideal for people travelling on a budget. Continue reading “7 free things to do in Antwerp”