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More USA:

What’s in my backpack? (12/27/2016) - In between studying and the holidays, I felt it was time to write another post. In July I backpacked for three weeks in the USA. It was something I had never done before. The key for… More
My final day in the USA (9/21/2016) - I can’t believe how quickly those three weeks went by! It was already my last day, in the evening I had to be at Dulles airport for my flight back home.
A day trip to Mount Vernon, VA. (9/17/2016) - I’ve already had two great days in DC (Washington DC on a budget (part 1) and Washington DC on a budget (part 2)). My plans for the third day turned out different from I’d planned. I read… More
Washington DC on a budget (part 2) (9/16/2016) - Part 2? If you missed the first one: Washington DC on a budget (part 1)
Washington DC on a budget (part 1) (9/12/2016) - I spent the last days of my trip to the USA in the capital. DC surprised me, and although NYC was very impressive, I think I liked this city the most. My overall impression was… More

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